The 2021 season starts soon!

We train  from March to September 

Grand Final Games played end of September

In preparation for our synthetic training turf (that will be built this year), the club has decided to continue training this year in Margaret River on the heavily improved grass area, the Lower Western (soccer) Pitch, on Gloucester Park.

This transition of training in Busselton on Turf to Margaret River Grass was a decision made by the committee , coaches and players, so that those who have not been able to make travel arrangements to train in Busselton, will get the opportunity to be included in teams this year, ready for when our training turf is ready (this season).

We look forward to any new comers wishing to try hockey for the first time and we welcome players back to the club, now that training is back in  Margaret River.

Let’s Bring Hockey Home!

We have registered the following teams into the Busselton Association Competition:


(School ) Year 3 – 5’s         (Boys and Girls team)

(School ) Year 6 – 8’s         (Boys team)

(School ) Year 6 – 8’s         (Girls team)

(School ) Year 9 – 12’s        (Boys team)

(School ) Year 9 – 12’s        (Girls team)


(A2) Men’s                           (Men – no age limit, Junior Yr 9-12 boys can be included in this squad)

(A2) Women’s                     (Women – no age limit, Junior Yr 9-12 girls can be included in this squad)


Masters                                 (Men and Women mixed team.  Minimum age to play is 35 years old)

Registration with Hockey Australia is now compulsory to play, officiate or volunteer for all clubs in Australia.

Please note that non-playing members, volunteers, coaches and umpires are FREE but we still require you to register with the club and Hockey Australia via the registration process.

Team Information – Go to the  team page to learn more info about each team and to register for this season.