That’s it for 2020!

What a season! For many reasons.

With 4 of our 7 teams qualified for their grand finals. Well done to the 6-8 boys who brought home the bling! We are all immensely proud of your efforts.

I’m tremendously proud of the club, despite having to work around the issues of the COVID-19 restrictions, with our great coaches, managers and an awesome committee, plus all of the players, we have made it a memorable season. Obviously, it was a shorter playing season with a lot more challenges than any year we’ve seen. As the outgoing President, I’d like to thank you all very sincerely for making this happen. That kind of teamwork is the only way the club will continue to improve.

This year we have implemented the pilot “Above the Line” program. We invite your help and constructive feedback. This is how it will improve over time, so please have a little faith in it and the results will start to show.

We sponsored a gentleman from the Hockey Club to attend the Good Blokes’ Co Men’s Retreat with Mike Dyson (the legend that spoke at our Scarred For Life event). Dan Stocker was the lucky man this year.

We also had a Goldstix resurgence under Dan Stocker and with the help of Katie Rodgers from Hockey WA. We look forward to more little hockey stars joining the group. 

Congratulations to Oscar Male, he was for being the recipient of this years President’s “Above The Line”  trophy. Oscar has had a huge year including winning the Association Fairest and Best award in Year 6-8 AND Year 9-12 boys! Well done to all those award winners, it was great to see you all at the club wind-up.  All the winers are listed one our Club News Page.

My legacy when I took on the presidency was to leave the club in a better state than we found it. I think we can safely say this is the case. Thank you to everyone who inspired me. My parents, my wife. The Altmann’s, Bryn Jenkins and Matt Bycroft for always having an open ear for me. Wally Zalewski,  Mark Harrison, John Garstone, and Baz Campbell. Also to everyone who volunteered on the past 5 committees.

It is with a mixture of relief, sadness, and excitement that I make way for the next era of MRHC’s “Proud Past, Bright Future” under a new President. Please make Maxine Williams feel welcome and supported in the role. Congratulations Max, a safe pair of hands.

See you all out on the turf.


President (2017-2020)