The Turf Project  – Let’s Bring Hockey Home!

All our efforts have proved successful, we have now received confirmation of our final grant funding.  We will be building our synthetic training turf ready for the 2021 season!

Watch the videos below, to see how the story unfolded…

Progress Report

November 2021

The earthworks are underway,  here is some of the action  from 16 November #Turf Tuesday and 23 November #Turf Tuesday posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

October 2021

The clearing of the site has begun.  The trees have been cleared from the site, many to be mulched and used elsewhere.

July 2021

Well done to Tiger Turf we now know what turf will be laid!

June 2021

Well done to IRP (Industrial RoadPavers (WA) Pty Ltd who are the main contractors for the project.  AMRShire are also seeking quotes for lighting and turf aspects for this project.

April 2021

28th April the Tender RFT 06-21 Construction of Hockey Training Complex and Association Infrastructure was advertised. At the end of May we will find out who has the contract!

March 2021

A concept plan of the new preferred location is discussed.  This will involve a review of draining and roadways through the middle of Gloucester Park. Due diligence continues.  This site is improved and a better outcome for the club.  The training turf size can now be slightly bigger than originally hoped (62m x 62m)!

January 2021

January was review time and as the detailed Geotechnical survey details came back, there were major concerns that they maybe more excavations needed on site that originally expected.  This would mean further costs.  Another potential location (still on Gloucester Park) was reviewed.  Further examinations of the site were agreed.  Fingers crossed …

November 2020

On Thursday 26 November WML Consulting Engineers were on site to provide the AMRShire with a more detailed Geotechnical survey of the area.  Working alongside Urbanise WA Engineering Solutions (based in Margaret River), it is hoped that the scope of this project will be finalised and ready for the project tender to be advertised by mid December. (fingers crossed).  It is hoped that this project will still be delivered early to mid 2021 to maximise training time on the new facility for the 2021 season.  It was great to see some action on the turf site.   See video by Dotch Dis Productions.

July 2020

On Wednesday 22nd July, the AMRShire council meeting finalised the Shire 2020/2021 budget, (details were in the Margaret River Mail) which included full financial support for our turf project.  This project will most probably be handed over to Dylan Brown, (Operations Manager, AMRShire. Many of you might know him from the AMRShire Recreation Centre).  The final scope of works will be agreed and tender for all site works will be advertised (hopefully by middle of September). Look out for the details, they will be advertised in the local papers.

Once that stage is complete, we will know more about construction timelines.

January 2020

We hear the announcement for the State CRSFF grant funding and it’s a YES! We have a fully funded project – it’s official our hockey club training turf can go ahead this year!

October / November / December 2019

Some “quieter”months as we contemplate tidying up loose ends, as the hockey season finished end of September.  We await announcements for the State CRSFF grant funding, and enjoy meeting our supporters and friends at various social events.  We also begin planning for next years fundraising events!

September 2019

The AMR Shire Council met to discuss the proposal of supporting the club with  State CRSFF  grant.  The Shire councillors voted 7-0 to support the motion.  This means that the Shire will commit to the turf project – $293,500.

Here is the link to the 25th September, the Shire Council Minutes:  Page 60 – 73 Hockey Grant application.

This was really exciting and clear confirmation that shire funding had been promised. However, a fortnight prior to the council meeting  to this date, after a further review of the budget, Dylan Brown had explained that our $300,000 (including the AUS Sport Grant) might not be enough!  So the committee met and discussed the option of applying for a loan from the Sport and Recreation Advisory Committee ( if necessary).

With little over a week until the deadline, we requested the help of some local businesses.  These amazing businesses, recognised our predicament.  Without them, our project would not get over the line at this final stage and could not be discussed by the Shire council for budget approval.   The following businesses wrote a letter of support, stating they would donate $5,000 towards the project, enabling us to raise a further $25,000. Thank you Jarvis Estate, Fusion Electrical, Middletons Accounting, Sports Power and Mitre 10  Once the turf is built their support will be recognised with signs along the retaining wall of the turf site for the duration of the turf (until it needs replacing 10-12 years).

  • We met, Shire President Pam Townsend and CEO Stephanie Addison-Brown for a photo  (for Margaret River Mail article)

  The CSRFF Grant application was submitted on Friday 27th September (by AMRShire).  We await the announcement in March/April next year. 

August 2019

The turf project is really gaining momentum, the committee decided to organise an  online survey and our community helped us to prove that a training turf facility for the hockey club to train on and share with the soccer club, rugby club and local schools, is just what Margaret River needs.  So thank you to those who completed the survey, we had a great response! We had families from Augusta to Vasse completing the survey and the results will be presented to the AMR Shire and included in the State CRSFF Grant which we will apply for next month.

The detailed plans for the project were also completed, thanks to Calibre, their attention to detail and professional approach to this project has been exemplary.

July 2019

With combined efforts of presentations and grant writing we have made it to $300,000 raised for the turf project!  We wanted to share this exciting news with our community.  We did this this by making a fun little trailer, see the link below ($300,ooo raised!)

We have decided to set up a GoFundMe Page, this will be for the local community to donate to the turf project. If you donate $100 or more, your donation will be acknowledged with your  family name / team name added to our community wall.  This signage will proudly be placed by the entrance of the turf and will remain there for the next generation of sporting athletes and spectators to see and appreciate.

June 2019

We have continued to assist at the planning stages with Calibre Consulting to ensure an efficient build.  We have also presented to Bendigo Bank, Augusta and they have agreed to supporting us, they will donate $2,500.  Thank you for your support.

May 2019

The club had a team of volunteers at the Margaret River Ultra Marathon event, as well as the Margaret River Farmers Market (breakfast bar) and the Lions Shed Sale (Sausage Sizzles). Fundraising at our local events is vital. We raise the profile of the club and also valuable funds at these events. It can also be fun and very rewarding.

We also presented to  the Cowaramup Lions Club and the Margaret River Rotary Club and we have just been told that we were successful with our application from the Margaret River Rotary Club, they will donate $50,000!  Thank you so much for that support.

April 2019

April saw the start of the hockey season. All 8 teams are up and running.  We had volunteers at the Dunsborough X-Adventure Race and  ran sausage sizzles at the Margaret River Lions shed as club fundraisers.

We continue to apply for grants with Bendigo Bank and the Margaret River Rotary Club.

March 2019

As support grew we produced another video to share our progress with potential donors, and to support grant application requests.  We also presented our plans for a training turf to AMR Shire Council.  The following video was part of our presentation.

You will see in the video the drone footage taken by Susie Reynolds taken on a scorching  31 degree day.  It also includes a range of community supporters, including contacts from local sporting clubs, and all 9 local schools as well as community members and club supporters.  We would like to thank you all for your generous time and enthusiastic support for this project!  

We also received confirmation from the Lions of Leeuwin (Augusta) who will also support this project.  We look forward to receiving their donation of  $10,000, and thank them sincerely.

We also met with Nola Marino, MP and explained our project.  She has been extremely supportive and gave us loads of ideas to further our options with grant funding and other avenues to raise awareness and funding for our turf project.

We also attended our first Inclusion Solutions workshop, which opened the doors to how we can improve our club, and be more inclusive to players, members and the community in general. We look forward to learning more!

February 2019

We received our Soil survey and Geotech report from Margaret River Structural Engineering and promptly passed it over to Calibre Consulting who have now produced a concept plan.    Work has begun on looking at estimating the build costs in order to present them to the AMR Shire for discussion.

We have also visited all nine regional schools in the area, as this will very much be a community project.  We were keen to get the opinions  from the schools (teachers and parents) and sporting clubs (players, coaches and parents).  We received unanimous support for a multi-purpose facility like this in the Shire.

January 2019

The summer holidays have given us time to plan the next stage of this epic project.  We have presented to the Lions of Leeuwin (in Augusta) for potential support and funding.  We have reached out to Aran Zalewski, Co-Captain of the Australian Men’s Hockey Team, whilst he was training in Perth.  We interviewed him about growing up in Margaret River, his plans for 2019 and his thoughts about the need for a turf in Margaret River.  What an amazing local legend and Ambassador for MRHC he is.

We also shared with the community our need for help in making another club promotional video.  We realised that we need to spread the word about our new potential hockey turf training site.  Thanks to Susie Reynolds (who was on holiday here in the South West) we borrowed her drone, and some enthusiastic players, parents and grandparents, we had a fun morning creating some active shots on the proposed turf space.  (More details to follow soon.)

We also took advice from Calibre and Margaret River Structural Engineering and with the help our friends at   Trade Hire, we were well on our way to testing the ground that will one day be our turf. Thanks also to our supportive sponsors at Yahava for our coffee break refreshments!

December 2018

 The next step is our detailed concept plan. We are currently exploring options for businesses to engage in this crucial step. Once we have this, we can then show it to potential investors/sponsors to secure and organise the rest of our bulk fundraising.

November 2018

At the 14 November Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes (Page 91) reviewed the minutes from the 17 October SRAC meeting. They note that  “the Sports and Recreation Advisory Committees’ in principle supports for the crushed limestone area next to the Margaret River Bowling Club to be utilised for the future development of a hockey training facility”.

There has (as usual) been a lot of action behind the scenes and we are very pleased to announce we have received confirmation that the Margaret River Lions will pledge $20,000 to our training turf project! This, along with some very positive indications from Augusta organisations (which we hope to be able to announce in the New Year), means that we are well on our way towards our fundraising target of $100,000. It is worthy to note that the Lions came on board because of  our “Above The Line” programme. Thank you to the Lions Club of Margaret River, for believing in the project and being our first major supporter.

We have met with Troy Jones from the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries (DLGSCI).  He was enthusiastic after watching our video and will advise us on the necessary grant applications in 2019.

 We have engaged in exploring our earth moving options at the site and have spoken to some local earth movers we hope to be able to engage for the project. Using local businesses will be one of our major aims.

 A great relationship has been formed with the Bowls club, with talks of our neighbours offering special membership deals and use of their facilities. We look forward to seeing this progress!

 We are continuing to work well with Dylan Brown and Seb Miller at the AMR Shire. This critical relationship sees us continuing to move forward and also helps with challenges we will need to overcome along the way.

October 2018:

Presented video and discussed the hockey club proposal the 17 October SRAC (Sport & Recreation Advisory Committee).  Agreement gained by all clubs to support a hockey training space next to the Bowling green on the crushed limestone area.  The Shire would prepare a survey of the area.

September 2018:

We discussed the new proposed area on Gloucester Park with Dylan Brown / Seb Miller (Shire Recreation Centre).  Also produced and presented a 3 minute promotional video to Margaret River Lions Club, with the intention of gaining support and a possible donation to our project.