A mental health initiative adopted by the Margaret River Hockey Club designed to promote healthy mindsets and culture within the club.

Life is about relationships. Every day we interact with other humans and communicate. Whether it is a look, the nod of a head, or something verbal. The “Above the Line” Initiative aims at bringing awareness to the way we communicate. By building a framework for people to visualise MRHC aims to give its members the power to communicate with purpose in all kinds of situations.

MRHC nurtures the development of the creator. Positive self-worth and internal happiness is developed through coaching and mentoring building creators.

Low self-worth, depression and anxiety can be developed through rescuing and persecution, which inevitably results in the development of a victim.

An understanding of these power triangles will impregnate throughout the club. Members are therefore responsible for upholding their commitment to developing creators.

Coaches are extremely valued within our club and hold a position of power within the club hierarchy. They are responsible for passing on the skills and tactics of the game of hockey. The difference between a good coach and a really great coach is the way the coach incorporates mentoring into their style of coaching.

To mentor someone, is to enable self – realisation of the skills and attributes that require development through the use of related questions. Sparking internal thought and drive to find development in these areas. Great mentors evoke manifestation and belief in one’s self.

The rescuer – everyone loves the person who jumps in to save the day, this actually takes away from the failure, which is required to learn and develop ones skills and attributes. Allowing our teammates to have a go at something we know we are already good at and showing positive encouragement is being a mentor on the pitch.

To not allow our teammates and club members to try new things, fail and then to persecute them through verbal or physical abuse is the most damaging behaviour. This behaviour takes away self-belief and self-worth and ultimately does not encourage a positive environment. No-one wants to be involved in that.

The Above the Line initiative underpins MRHC vision to see it’s coaches, umpires players and spectators utilise actions and language that is of a positive coaching or mentoring nature when communicating amongst one another.

MRHC’s mission is to educate our members to take responsibility in keeping each other accountable for staying “above the line” in their communication and actions. It is natural to waiver above and below the line in our daily lives. When we do behave below the line through knee jerk reactions, it is important we recognise this. It is also important that the people affected, voice their concerns and seek advice from club mentors. The persecutor or rescuer ensures the victim’s self-worth remains intact so that all members can realise their dreams, full potential happiness and self-worth.

The values underpinning the “Above the Line initiative” are respect, honour, trust, inclusiveness and leadership.

Play the Whistle

The Margaret River Hockey club is a string supporter of the Play the Whistle initiative from Hockey Australia.  Play the Whistle is an initiative to encourage competing hockey teams, team officials (off field staff) and spectator groups to play in the true spirit of the game.

The spirit of the game encompasses demonstrating behaviours hat are outlined in the codes of behaviour. The code of conduct can be viewed here.